Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dont judge me!

Hey party people!

Saw this sticker on a car which I just loved;

"Only God can judge me"


It rocks! It's like "F--k off if you're not God, and let me do whatever I wanna do!"


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back on track

Dear all,

The soccer world cup has kept us all engaged, but now when both Sweden and Mexico are out we can all focus on bullshit again. But as a last comment on the world cup; I was watching a game, when the camera zoomed in a man in the audience who was picking his nose. Wouldnt that be a great thing to be famous for all over the world. 2 billion people are watching you picking your nose! Now that's something to be remembered for!

When we cant focus our attention on our fabulous football players (irony intented for the Swedish team, true for the Mexican one), we instead have to turn our attention to Robbie Williams (and I'll do it with delight). His song lyrics, such as "Ive had more blondes than brunettes" could give him the Nobel price in literature, and from the new album I have found my new favourite lines that I want to share with you:
"Smoking kills
sex sells
I've got one hand in my pocket but the
other one looks cool as hell
I know I'm going to die so my revenge
is living well
Oh Lord make me pure but not yet"

And talking about being pure, one of the disadvantages with a high-tech society is that kids (i.e. my 9 year old niece) start to use msn, and also make their friends add you to your msn (and you cant really say no and break their heart). Which means that kids have intruded your bullshit area, and that you need to be careful with your nicknames. On top of it, as kids always do, they want to talk to you but they dont have anything to say. They just want your undivided attention, but I dont have that much to say to a 9 year old friend of my niece... So the only thing that saves this catastrohpic scenario, is that I think that at least it's good for them to write a lot and improve their spelling!


Monday, June 12, 2006

The Ultimate Push Up!

I have always wondered why is it that there arent that many tools for enhancing guys' appearance...

You know, girls have make up, hairdos, high heels, many different jeans/pants/tops/swimming suits styles, wonder bras, underwear with holes to push stuff a bit, underwear with super tight lycra to 'reduce' size... lalala...

What do guys have?! Hair gel/wax, deo, cream shave and lotion. (Ok, at least if they are not metro)

My conclusion is that guys really overtrust their verbal bullshitting skills, so... why bother looking good when they can baffle girls around with some bull?

That brilliant conclussion though, applies to all men, except Swedes.

A Swede would do ANYTHING to look good and it would NEVER mean he bothers to do so. After all, a real humble Swede reckons that his verbal bullshitting skills will only be at their best after he has consumed one liter of Absolut Vodka, and those occasions are just not enough.

The Ultimate Push-Up could not be born anywhere else!

Im thinking i should maybe start importing these things... bullshit amateurs around the globe could very well use a lift! :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Is there a "stop" for bullshitting?

Yesterday the thought hit me - Are there time when one should just not be bullshitting?

The thought hit me when I was picking up my aunt to drive her to my mum's birthday. And trying to be a nice girl I keeped up the conversation with talk about nothingness, talk not leading anywhere, words just rambling out of my mouth (i.e. in some circumstances referred to as bullshitting). And then I realised - is this fair of me? is this appropriate? Am I fooling my aunt?

Another situation (not similar but when bullshitting just doesnt work is when you're bullshitting someone, and that person just isnt a bullshitter, hence doesnt understand you're just talking shit. Instead of replying in a witty manner, the person gives some logical, calculated answers to your random thoughts. You feel like going "Hey! I was just bullshitting!", but instead you just nod and smile, but inside you think "Well, this person is not going to our blog!".

So maybe it's only in this forum with this community that bullshitting is appropriate, and obviously fun! I mean if people dont understand my jokes, 1) too bad for them, 2) I shouldnt waste my jokes on them. After all "it takes a bullshitter to know one".

So the question of the day is: is there a time for bullshit? and a "not-time" for bullshit? Is it always appropriate? Luckily I have some time to think this all through...

Ta ta