Sunday, April 29, 2007


Have not been active at all on this, but I was reading my archives in last May - what was I upto and got reminded of this beautiful blog which enhances our learning, laughter to a potential never seen before!

Now, this post is dedicated to the Dutch couples. In transition during my AI term, a question was asked during Get-to-know Dutch culture - How do men go out for dates with women?

And there were some options - saying they go with a bouquet of tulips, they say some thing in Dutch and then there was this option that they commute to the place of the date on a bicycle with a guy riding it and the girl sitting on the back. This is the last option I ever thought of but surprisingly enough this was the correct answer.

I thought the person who was sharing this pulled something of his arse to make it funny, but after about 10 months in this country, this is true. You see couples going on bicycles and not the good classy ones - but the peasant looking ones.

Why I thought this was surprising was that in India if you take a bicycle and pick up a girl, you are the biggest buffoon on this planet - you are a certified loser! The girl will slam the door saying Dude - did you have have peanuts in your brain while thinking of this date?

Sadly - but true - though its one of the the most environmentally friendly vehicle - if you are riding a bicycle even when you are in your uni. its like "dude get a life" kinda feeling that is evoked amongst your peers. When I was riding a bicycle until high-school, I definitely used to get some stares... People can definitely ride bikes - no issues, but not while going on a date dude.


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