Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Royal Bullshit

or How to use your Bullshit Detector properly.

Some posts ago, the question was if one could run out of bullshit.. this time, the question is.. can one stop smelling bullshit?

A couple of days back, i read an article that got me wondering....

Will there be a time when bullshit will be thrown in my face, without me thinking theres something smelly in the room?

Will there be a time when i will accuse an innocent soul of attempted bullshit attack, when s/he was actually from Jupiter?

It turns out that last week, your Royal Swedish Highness Prince Carl Phillip was detained at Miami's Airport while he was going through passport control.

According to the article, the issue started when the Prince was asked the routine questions and he mentioned that he would work on a documentary film while being in the US.

The next question from the american agent was if he had a working permit to do that, and well.. he didnt.

"But hey, im a swedish royalty!", he stated while showing his diplomatic passport.

This declaration did nothing more than grant him a place at the police station, together with other plebeians like illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

Of course the american agent thought he was being bullshitted! Royalty?! No guards?! From Switzerland?! or does swedish mean from Sweden?! BULLSHIT!

At least it seems the Prince found it amusing...

If you have nothing better to do and want to check how would this story would look written in danish, check the article here!

Otherwise, enlighten us.. how can one make sure to always tell bullshit apart?!


Blogger Hanna said...

Hmmm... this needs some thinking. However Im sure WHEN it is bullshit at least: and that is when it comes out of mouths like Angie's, Sam's, Niel's and the rest of the troop. In an ideal world that would also be all that came out of anyone's mouth. Until we've reached this stage. Enlighten me as well - I dont want too many of the non bullshit encounters.

25/1/07 04:36  

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