Sunday, November 05, 2006

Can you run out of bullshit?

Good Morning (well for me at least)

The question that is keeping us all awake night after night is "Can you run out of bullshit?". And unfortunately the answer is that, yes, just like you can run out of inspiration, energy and emotions, you can run out of bullshit. This can occur in times of good stress (meaning bad stress for the bullshitting. But good in the sense of you have a lot to do, but meaning you dont bullshit. So actually it's bad stress. Cause normal bad stress which keeps us activated but not the mind busy, will create bullshit, so that is good stress for the bullshit), or because your happy with your partner, or have a dog or any equal pet consuming your attention (at least Ive heard this could happen from others) etc etc.

But, dont worry, there is remedy! Here follows the HP-formula to be back on track:
1. Have a chat with Angie - not only is it entertaining, you can also turn anything and everything around, and all of a sudden the world is an arena for bullshit. Not to mention that you also realise that you're the queens of everything!
2. Go to a meeting totally unprepared - Im telling you, when it's time for you to give your thoughts or an update, the bullshit will just flow!
3. Pretend your pregnant - put a pillow under your shirt and walk into the office. Im sure a lot of bullshit will come out when you have to explain that you're 7 months pregnant. Obviously this only works for girls. Or actually, if a guy would do it, more bullshit explanations would be needed.
4. Phone Niel (and his phone number is +91 12 34 56 78). Sam is equally as good. But dont think that this means that you can phone any random Indian, it's Sam and Niel we're talking about.
5. Book an island - now we're talking Richard Branson style. Bring some alcohol, and a few like-minded friends! Guaranteed entertainment!
6. Write a list of ways out of bullshit depression - Im telling you the pressure on your shoulders to cure the world will give you inspiration!

Well, that's it folks!! hope it can help!! Please also share your tips. We might all need these tips in moments of despair!

Yours truly and truly yours


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