Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Staying sober

So they say that to avoid that painful hangover or that dreadful state of drunkness when you do stupid things and cant remember anything the day after, one should skip the last two drinks. But what if one has already had the last two drinks?



Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

Use that as credit for the next binge - it is a plastic, capitalist world we are living in anyways; so why not make the most of the 'credible' facilities.
You may not remember (and one need not try and deduce the reasons for the sudden loss of memory), but you have a credit of 7.66 drinks from your New Year '06 celebritions in Goa.
But more seriously. I checked the dilemma with Prof Hooga B. of the AAA (All Alcoholics Always) Institute in Tartu, Estonia and his valuable and classic advice was, "If you have to be eaten your last drinks, then you to be celebrating with drinking another...hic...hic....three drink only".
Kindly pardon his accent and the bad Grammar, it's not easy being a Ugandan Togolese spending his life between Tartu and Vidyasagar Chihuahua(a village in the North South of New England.

5/7/06 03:43  
Blogger Hanna said...

Im not sure if it's the alcohol or the village that has screwed him up. Must be the village, I speak perfect French, English, Latin, Hindi and Togolese when Im drunk!

5/7/06 12:19  

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