Monday, May 08, 2006


I have a few statements to make; however they are not necessarily connected to each other, not that this fact has ever been an issue (at least on Absolut Blogshit), so ill just proceed:

a) During my absence last month, the unbelievable happened! The legendary Amit Sood pulled himself together to accept the invite to Absolut Blogshit! Okay, forget about accepting invites... he POSTED on AB! Whoa!! Im kinda sure his post was the longest sentence I have heard from him (apart from his now famous monosyllables on MSN) since we lived together in Stockholm! Welcome onboard Sood and i hope you will be a regular from now on...

b) It turns out Absolut Blogshit is 80% comprised by indians and 86% comprised by guys!! Now that may not be all that shocking to you, and now that i think of it, its not that shocking to me either, but i just thought we should make that clear and official at some point. In fact, these very relevant statistics just beautifully lead to the 3rd topic, which is...

c) Me being constantly part of a minority. It starts with me being a redhead, which makes me part of the 4% of the world's population. Followed by me hating onions, which makes me part of the 1% of the world's population. Followed by me being really disgusted at this lamb barbacoa meat that is supposedly a dish fit for the Gods, which must make me part of the 0.2% of the carnivore world's population.

I really dont mind being a minority on AB, nor being a minority because of the colour of my hair, but it is EXTREMELY annoying to be a minority when it comes to onions and meats... whenever i go eat i have to remember to ask the waiter to please abstain from adding onions to my dish (cause all things being equal, onions will be part of the recipe), and thats kinda the best case scenario, cause what happens when you are invited to a meal at someone's place and all they have is lamb barbacoa with onions?

You gain weight cause you stuff yourself with beer and tortillas instead!


Blogger Hanna said...

First of all I would also like to express my excitement to have mr Sood contributing to this blog. Though Ive had the pleasure of meeting him in Brussels I have heard him saying a few sentences, however they've been of the prude kind - so my question just is if people become older (wiser?) and more prude when leaving Stockholm!

Secondly I would like to state that it's cool to be a minority (apart from when you wont get food!). It's always nice to be special and not one of the crowd. And being blond (and probably even red headed) will probably be even more special in the future, due to all internationally mixed marriages where the dark genes will take over!

Being random is also something I support. In that way you never know where the conversation is leading or where it came from.


9/5/06 11:05  
Blogger Mo said...

Angie, dont worry, we share some minority groups. And you made a promise... Id better see you in Rotterdam!

11/5/06 07:54  
Blogger Angie said...

Well well, Ive been through that 'leaving Stockholm' phase and i can proudly say i didnt become ANY pruder. Wiser? Maybe, but im quite sure that didnt have anything to do with being back in Mexico City.

My thesis would be more oriented towards something related with Sood being based in Brussels. I think as soon as you see that tiny Manneken Piss statue, you can easily deduce how prude Brusselians are!

As for the minority thing.. i totally agree, its good to stand out from the crowd! (Just please remember to forget about onions next time you buy me a meal!)

Coral, yessss, gotta work on that too! :)

11/5/06 09:33  

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