Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Temporarily Offline

Yes people, as you read it... but please dont panic!

It will be only for a couple of weeks, theres a very good reason for it, and last but not least, i know i leave you and Absolut Blogshit in good hands - which are Hanna's, and no, not that Ive ever tried her hands but well, you know what i mean.

Speaking of hands i have or havent tried, in this endeavour i will be in good hands too, and by that i mean our platinum member Jonas' hands. So you wont be reading from him all that much either, cause ill make sure his hands (and mine) are busy with other things.

Okay, after all this handing.. i officially hand it over to Miss Pulli!


Blogger Hanna said...

Thank you Angie-Pangie! I'll do my best, together with our bullshit friends who I hope will contribute a lot the coming weeks, to keep the blog alive during your absence. However it'll be hard, since my bullshit-inspiration (i.e. you) will be gone. But rest assure that you'll have something to read when you come back!


5/4/06 01:14  
Blogger Hanna said...

Oh, crap!! Just realised that I will be gone next week as well. What will happen? This will be like an alcoholist living without alcohol, a work-aholic getting fired, a ski-fan seeing the snow melting, a.... well you get the point! So everyone, please hang in there! Bullshit will return!


6/4/06 00:21  

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