Friday, March 17, 2006

Love, love, love

Hallo hallo!!!

Ive been thinking.

Once again, I want to stress the logic and simple approach that kids use, and I would like to strike a blow for everyone to have more of a kid-way of living life.

This is the story: my niece (Johanna) told me that her friend (Ebba) had got a new boyfriend the day before (cant remember the name of the boy, let's call him Johan). How it had happend was that Johanna had told Johan that Ebba likes him. She had asked Johan if he likes Ebba. He had answered yes. Johanna went and told this to Ebba. And then Johan and Ebba were a couple. This highly loving couple did not talk to each other, but they were still together. Until Johan the day after broke up. Or he did not break up, but Johanna heard him saying to someone else that he was not together with Ebba, which means that he had broken up.

That's the kind of simplicity in love life I want! Instead we "grown-ups" spend six months waiting for the right moment to come to tell someone we like him/her. Then we also have a sex month period to really break-up.

Imagine if instead, I would ask Angie to tell mr. Pilly that I like him. Angie goes to mr Pilly, says "Ms Pulli likes you, do you like her?". He answers yes (lets hope at least!). Angie comes back to me, says he likes me, and then we are a couple. If for any reason I would stop being in love with mr Pilly, I ask Angie to tell him so.

Imagine the efficiency of love life that we would achieve! We would spend less time in agony wondering if this person really likes us, and think about which words to use. I think this is really a strategy to quickly "turn passion into action"!

Go kids! Go love!


Blogger Angie said...

Where did all the pragmatism go in the course of a couple of decades?!

Cheers for Ebba and her love life!!

Hanna, please continue sharing the gossip, we may have some (a lot) to learn from this role model! :)

20/3/06 17:48  

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