Thursday, March 16, 2006

Commenting on the surprising poll result

The poll has now been open for quite some time and the amount of people sharing their voice in this important matter has been high. Therefore any conclusions will be statistically reassured.

However we must note that we are a bit surprised about the result. We currently have 12 votes for Angie and Hanna in a boat, two for Jennifer and two for Angelina. It has now actually become quite crucial to marry Donald Trump (at least for one of us, and I guess I have to sacrifice myself and do so) to get access to that boat. Angelina comments on the results saying that she's not too disappointed, as long as she can spend the evenings home with Brad. Unfortunately Brad will join us on the boat.

Jennifer is a bit more devasted, but says that she has got good friends who will take care of her (I know... bad joke... no wonder she didnt get more votes...)

What would be of interest for future studies is to compare these results to the results from our previous poll (i.e. if people would be have sex with a celebrity even if they couldnt tell a single soul), and see which conclusions that can be drawn.

We thank you for your co-operation. Science has once again taken a step forward!
And Donald - let us know when the boat is set up!
/Angie and Hanna


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