Thursday, February 23, 2006

Peak of performance


Normally it's said that women reach their peak of performance when they are a bit over 30 years old, but I have to say that I already at the age of 2? have excelled my bullshit performance. This peak is dependent on the following:
- I have obviously gathered some experience, i.e. Im not a virgin-bullshitter anymore. So now I know what is good, how I want to have it, and maybe most importantly for this peak - how to satisfy others. So years of practise have made me better
- Knowing what I want, also means knowing what I dont want, and what I dont want to see on this blog... and I dare to say it. So my partners in crime should then know how they can satisfy me.
- Ive also learnt through all my entercounters that everyone has a different style, and different tastes for what they like and want. I can learn from others, we can together try new things, and we can make sure that our interactions are enjoyable
- Being experienced also mean that we're not prude anymore, we dare to say when we want to bullshit, and we make sure we get it
- Having the possibility to do it again and again and again obviously increases my performance

So cheers !


Blogger Jonas Ã…radsson said...

Im speachless... thats the most horrible bullshitting nothingness i ever felt pleased reading in my whole life.
Probs to Hanna!
uGoGirl :O)

24/2/06 19:55  
Blogger Hanna said...

Jonas, I am honoured.

25/2/06 02:49  

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