Thursday, February 09, 2006

The thing with the Indians

Well, well, well,
My debut on the thing i love doing the most... well thats why i was chosen for the job i am currently doing.. ER i mean! Well you need to master the art of bullshitting to take up this position :) Am Kidding (I wrote this word just in case a company sees this - i still dont wanna lose my job;) )

I read Hanna's post about why Indians and bullshitting, well i gave a 2 second thought, but the answer was clear - Indians are extremely competitive - whether for getting a job, good grades or skolling beer!
This is clearly shown by the fact that you guys had to open a blog to get views on this - it shows that there is a clear lack of this art amongst people! People need a forum to discuss this and not during natural talks, social meetings etc.

And Indians were very proactive in this - they knew that here's an opportunity! To get an art which people lack - hence they mastered this art to gain a competitive edge in the market!

Those are my 2 bits on bullshitting. Keep up the good work :)


Blogger Hanna said...

First of all, a big welcome to Amit and congratulations on your first posting here! But second of all, and most importantly, thank you for sharing your findings about this puzzling topic that has kept us sleepless for so many nights - why are Indians so good bullshitters.

I believe your contribution will mark a new era for our research. The Indian search for opportunities!

I'll just keep up my search for opportunities in India ;)

Hasta la vista, baby!

9/2/06 08:23  
Blogger Angie said...

Whoa! This is HUGE! Finally, a representatative of the extensively mentioned Indian-Bullshit-Elite has pulled himself together to make his first post!!

I guess we are not toootally shocked that it has taken this long, but still.. :p

I say, cheers for Amit Desai!

(Looking fwd to more revealing posts!)

9/2/06 12:45  

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