Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Welcome to the bullshit blog! This blog is just for pure bullshitters!

Throughout the years, Angie and me have developed the art of bullshitting, but it wouldnt have been possible without the help of some experts. We hope that you experts will help us maintain this blog, and the bullshitting in the world. I mean we all need to brighten up the day for ourselves and for others by some bullshit.

We also hope to recruit some new bullshitters through this blog, but obviously amateurs wont be accepted, why you have to pass our bullshittometer before you can join the gang!

Enjoy the reading!


Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

Dear Hannah & Angie,

Greetings from the bullshit capital of the world, Delhi. Does living in this city automatically qualify me for the blog, or do I still qualify as an amateur?
I would not usually fear the bullshittometer, but given the fact that I am marketing the blog to bring in the millions to buy houses in the Bahamas and while away the rest of our lives in sandy beaches and with the choicest of alcoholic beverages, I really don't see a reason to be put through the test.
Now that I have made my case (and a rather strong one, I should think), I shall let the esteemed jury (the Honest Hanna & the Amazing Angie) decide if I am worthy or damned to be a non-bullshitter for ever.

2/2/06 21:03  

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