Sunday, February 05, 2006

White lady

Good morning!

I am sure you have all heard that if you are in a dark room and look yourself in the mirror, you will see a pale, ghost - THE WHITE LADY - in the mirror.

But, everytime I look myself in the mirror, dark or lit room, I see a white lady in the mirror... :s

I need to buy a brown-without-sun cream or switch country!



Blogger Angie said...

Darn, welcome to the Club!

Most of the times i see a white lady too and when i try to see something different, i get a shrimpy RED one.. The brown, tanned bitch is a just a legend to me.. :p


5/2/06 18:39  
Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

Of the two options you mentioned - brown-without-sun cream or switching countries, I would recommend option two because of the following reasons:
1. Such a cream has not been invented yet (not for permanent effect,atleast) while such countries have existed for over thousands of years.
2. Statistical studies by the World Stats Organization based out of Talin, Estonia have proved that the most effective way of becoming a "brown, tanned bitch" is to purchase a one-way ticket to a city (Latitude:28'35"N, Long:77'12"E.) You can either do your research and find out the location (if you are really bored and have nothing else to do), or make your life simpler by simply reading the next word - Delhi.
3. According to Prof. Hoogandre Boogajohannssen, the world's premier tanning expert, the best way of not seeing a white lady in the mirror would be to either not see a mirror; or undergo a sex-change operation (a deduction of that would mean you would then see a white guy in the mirror. Now not too sure if that solves your problem. But that's Prof HB for you, he provides all the answers without answering any questions (must be part-Indian)

5/2/06 21:39  
Blogger Sam said...

I have heard that if the rays of the sun hit your body at a particular angle and for a particular duration of time, you instantly turn brown and get a tan. Technically this is called the Hash Brown effect. It was first experienced when Prof Hash Brown went on a fishing trip just of the coast of Tahiti,a little beind New Zealand and a little to the right of Australia. Apparently while fishing the guy and his wife French Fry were exposed to the sun for exactly 5 mins with the suns rays hitting them at an angel of 32.5 degrees. AT the end of those 5 mins, they both looked at each other and couldn recognise each other due to their instant tans. Incidently Prof Hash Brown was earlier called Prof Hash White and got his name changed after the tanning effect. This phenomenon is a widely recognised practice today and that little island of Tahiti has now been called "The place where the Suns Rays hit you at a particular angel for a particular point in time and you get an instant tan" Pretty long name but it works

6/2/06 03:32  
Blogger Hanna said...

Interesting comments...
Firstly, I rather caracterize myself as a cray-fish when Ive happend to stay under mr Sun for too long (no this is not a dirty sentence) and the white shade turns red. But I understand exactly what you're saying Angie.

Ive never trusted Estonians, so dont believe too much in their study. However I have the highest confidence in Prof. Hoogandre Boogajohannssen, so might consider changing gender.

However nr 2, changing gender doesnt sound like too much fun. But must say it seems like Mrs French Fry had a lot of fun at "The place where the Suns Rays hit you at a particular angel for a particular point in time and you get an instant tan", so probably I have to move there to solve the white lady issue.

However nr 3, since the name of the place Id be moving to is damn long, this would imply I would never get any postcards (who has the strength to fill up an envolope with the postal address?), neither would I have any friends left since they would all have fallen asleep before I have finished saying where I live, I probably just have to move to India anyways!

6/2/06 12:26  
Blogger Jonas Ã…radsson said...

I have to add... I see a white guy in the mirror every day which is NOT recommendable, so sex change is not the solution!

7/2/06 15:36  

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