Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad news

Hanna complains about the days being too short, and who can blame her. Who wouldnt like to have another go at the "end-of-level-monster" at level 26 before going to sleep, sort the coin collection again, watch another episode of Seinfeld or just have that final beer before going home which would surely make the whole difference?
All this and more could be achieved with only a little more than the totally insufficient 24 hours we are blessed with at the moment.

But sorry... I bringeth bad news.

People remember the horrible tsunami of dec 2004. Not only did it hit a lot of indonesians and other Asians, but it also shortened the day even further... To be more precise, the length of the day decreased by 2.68 millionths of a second. This happened since the world lost almost a millimeter of its waistline, thereby starting to rotate faster.
Hold on to your hats and try not to get dizzy. Keep your feet on the ground and the beer in your hand and you will be fine, late for work tomorrow maybe, but fine!

Life is a bitch eh! (an indian one?)

And hey... Thx for the invite girls, im not worthy...


Blogger platothelapdog said...

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7/2/06 15:43  
Blogger Hanna said...

Jonas, as if the day hadnt had a bad start already... now you bring these news to my attention. No wonder I couldnt manage to do everything I had planned to do every day the last year! Oh, but wait, Indians never do what they planned to do. Phew... all in place again.

PS If this remark offended a massive proportion of our readers, please read the disclaimer on this blog.

8/2/06 00:58  

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