Monday, February 06, 2006


Important message to fellow bullshitters and supporters of this blog:

We have since the inauguration of this blog received tons of mails and phone calls from supporters all around the world. The traffic on this blog is huge, and the preasure on us to deliver high-quality insights is increasing for each day. Comments we have got are: "I cant start the day, without reading Absolut Blogshit", "Absolut Blogshit is as interesting as my husband" (no comments on that marriage), and "The impact of Absolut Blogshit to mankind is as big as the first landing on the moon".

We are happy for the encouragement to keep this blog alive (and especially happy that we finally have found a meaning in life), but due to the delicate time period both Angie and I are in currently, i.e. job hunting so that we can face a (bright) future, it is hard for us to pull together the time required. We therefore would like to ask for your help, so that we can maintain the quality of this blog. Please,
1) Find us a job - this would not only release time for us currently, but also secure our financial future
2) Marry Hanna (Angie is already taken) -this obviously only goes if you're rich and can support her financially
3) Give the day more hours - this one is directly addressed to God.

Also, none of the options have to exclude the others. We would actually be happy if you can make all three come true.

With your support we can create history with this blog!
Thanks for reading
Angie and Hanna


Blogger Abhishek Bhatewara said...

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6/2/06 21:39  
Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

But i thought that Hanna was asked out by Mr Trump?!! Saw it on Oprah - Live In Bhulander (a little village in the extreme north-south of India).
He fits in with Ms Pulli's requirements:
1. Rich
2. Financially secure
3. Great hair-do....the most important

Heart broken Sam & Niel (we were screwe over by the USD - Indian rupee conversion rate)

7/2/06 01:00  
Blogger Hanna said...

We are very thankful for the help so far. However my father did not accept Donald Trump, he doesnt think mr Trump can make me happy, despite the great hair-do. So the hunt for financial security continues.

7/2/06 11:53  

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