Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our 24/7 Hotline

I thought i would let you know that if youre feeling bored, lonely or with a huge urge to ramble and you need someone to talk to, here i am and TONIGHT is the best time to call me! Not only will you get comfort with my wise and supportive words, but also you will be entertained trying to figure out if i sound like a seal or a walrus or Donald Duck impersonated or simply just too damn sexy to describe...

Dont be shy, give me a ring and lets hear whats your guess..



Blogger Hanna said...

Hi Angie and all others, but mainly Angie!

I guess the hotline has kept you busy, and that your phone never is silent nowadays. Those who arent busy with you can always vote in our poll!

The statistics so far show that 100% would go for the real action even though we have to stay quiet about it. Turning passion into action, has been the theme for many AIESECers, especially those who attended IC 2002, and apart from that being the most fun slogan that AIESEC could ever come up with, Im happy to see that so many fellow-bullshitters want action!


9/2/06 08:27  
Blogger Angie said...

I just couldnt agree more, Ive always liked pragmaaatic stuff.. after all whats passion without action? its like a party with no beers, or movies with no popcorn or Beatles with no Lennon, or Grease with no Danny! (ok, you get the picture)

As for the hotline... the amount of calls i have received is officially over the limit! i thank everybody for all the sharing, we all know that sharing is caring yeah?.. But now i have passed from seal to ghost whisperer; so, unless you want to know what it would hear like to talk to an earthbound spirit... go get your action someplace else!

9/2/06 12:28  

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