Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kids and bullshit

Dear readers,

Today I had dinner with my niece. And at a point I realised that she was sitting there babbling about how to draw the letter U if you're really tired, and how you cant go up on the curve, and yada yada... And then I realised that sometimes talking to kids is just like talking to premium bullshitters such as Angie, Niel and Sam. For example today when I talked to Niel I dont think that more than 1% of what was said 1) made sense, 2) had a link to the sentence before, 3) had a link to what the other person was saying. I.e. having a conversation with two bullshitters mean that you talk a lot but nothing is said. Must admit though that sometimes kids have more logic than any adult. Im happy though that in this case the bullshit-gene continues in the family. So not only does my niece (who to make it easier is called Johanna Pulli) look exactly like I did when I was 8, but she has some potential in life.

Over and out


Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

I usually do not disagree with you, but in this instance, I would like to believe that everything (ok, not everything but close to 43.54%) of what was said in the conversation made sense. Here are a few examples:
1. You started with wanting to save the deserts (when everyone talks about is saving the rain forests) and I started to talk about our next life (deserts = disease = plague = death = afterlife). So it WAS related
2. The next topic was counting sheep while sleeping (raised by me) and you responded with what you had for lunch (see the instant connect between sheep=food=lunch)
3. The third was about Madrid which went on to cushions which then was followed by a heated debate on not-so-mobile phones. If you guys don't see the connection here, then I suggest an appointment with the shrink is about time.

So there you go, the three premises laid by you in your post to calling our conversation nonsensical and bullshit were inherently flawed.

But yes, kids are the biggest bullshitters of all; and one does tend to lose this unique gift as we grow older. Thankfully, with the likes of Angie and you around, this endangered trait will not go the same way the Dodo did.

And with that, it's out but not over

21/2/06 23:54  
Blogger Hanna said...

I think you're proving yourself wrong, you're like twisting yourself into this discourse (think that would be the appropriate English word :-), but if it isnt, you'll just have to guess what I want to say), meaning you're coming out with nots in your ears, mouth and fingers. So how can anything then make sense in what you hear (even though us who communicate with you make perfectly sense even when we bullshit = i.e. the moments of truth), what you say, or what you write.

NOTE - this is not an accusation, rather a compliment for the amusing times one can spend with you.

And see this whole problems lies in that I wanted to save the desserts, not the deserts! Give me more chocolate cake, icecream, and especially mango cheese cake!

Under and in

22/2/06 14:36  

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