Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Little support

I guess im a biiiit late but well..

If you happen to be into that Valentine's Bullshit, and you need an extra zing for the corny lines you want to write to your loved one, use the Poetry Generator!

Remember, if you can't dazzle her/him with the truth.. baffle her/him with some mushy bullshit!


Blogger Hanna said...

Talking about Valentine's day, I got to spend it in premium company; our dear Rohit Sathe - who obviously is too occupied with all his bullshit-lectures world wide so he doesnt even have the time to comment on this blog. Anyways, I guess a Valentine's day cant be spent better than in bullshit company (or then that would be with Brad Pitt)!

Thank you Angie for the poetry tips, I'll use them for next year, for my date with Brad ;)


15/2/06 00:00  

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