Sunday, February 26, 2006

Warning this is no bullshit-post

Ice hockey GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! Gold, gold, gold!!!!
OS-guld, OS-guld, OS-guld!! Fy fan vad vi är bra!!!!

I know, this is no bullshit. But events like the gold in icehockey in the olympic games (olympiska spelen =OS) reserves all attention!

OS-GULD!! OS GULD!!! OS GULD!!! Woohooo!!!!!


Once again my apologies for breaking the bullshitting rule!


Blogger Jonas Åradsson said...

Dont apologize... CELEBRATE :D


Shoutouts on my blog too, fy fan va vi älskar dig Lundqvist :)


26/2/06 08:58  
Blogger Hanna said...

Och så älskar vi Lidström också!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


26/2/06 22:48  
Blogger Angie said...

Alright Hanna, im not gonna complain regarding this post cause after all, it is SWEDEN we are talking about!! So yessss... WOOOHOOO!!!

Vi fan jävlar älskar de alla! :p


27/2/06 09:53  
Blogger Angie said...

Oh btw, i forgot to add: This definitely DOES NOT mean that indians can start posting about cricket (unless its bullshit related of course)!

27/2/06 09:58  
Blogger Jonas Åradsson said...

Juhuuuu... im voting BIG time (under the influence of beer) for - at least - one indian post about cricket... I hope I dont offend anyone by saying that a post about cricket would truely be Absolut Blogshit through my pale danish eyes :)

27/2/06 13:15  
Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

"Och så älskar vi Lidström också!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
And i second that. Have no idea what it means but I like the sound (or rather, the read) of it. Hope it doesn't mean "ouch, my ass don't like me no more".
Saw the match on television; was wierd watching ice hockey in India when the temp. here was steadily rising past the 30 degree celcius mark, but guess any support helped and played a huge part in the win.

28/2/06 00:10  

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