Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gold hamsters.... ???!!!!


Who came up with the idea that we need a pet called (or rather than just being called, actually BEING) a hamster! Or a gold hamster for the fancy ones... (or actually not for the fancy ones but for the hamsters that have a golden fur). Now one can wonder how I came to think about this. The answer is not that I was extremely bored at a seminar in ethical conduct (which I was) and that my thoughts wandered off to hamsters (the likely hood of that happening is kinda small), but that I am guarding nothing less than four hamsters currently! Why each of my nephews and niece had to get a hamster remains an enigma. But seriously, which value do the hamsters play? They're too small to play with, they bite, and they smell! Okey now I shouldnt be too harsch on the hamster, since right now they are the only people (or creatures) to whom I play an importance, they depend on me to get food!

But this is my observation on the uselessness of hamsters:
1) they spend an enormous part of their time awake climbing upside down on the cage-ceiling. This means that they spend half their life upside down. This I think is evidence for other strange behavior, namely;
2) Horrified last night after having given one of the hamsters heaps of food (so that he, or is it a she could survive for 2 days without me taking care of him) I find that there's no food left. I give him/her more food and he/she immediately jumps there. I was getting afraid he/she would explode. Then I realise that he/she has just taken the food and put it in one of the "plastic room" in the cage. Why would one do that? If you're served food at the dinner table, you dont take it and put it in the corner of the living room?
3) They sit in their food while they eat it!!

I think point 3 just says enough. I cant go on.
If anyone has positive encounters with hamsters to share, please do so. Im pussled about their existence!



Blogger Angie said...

After staying at Hanna’s last summer, when her nephews and niece also left their ‘pets’ to her special care, I feel i should contribute with a point...

4) No matter if they are golden, platinum or simple gray mortals, hamsters have a very enigmatic sleeping pattern. These creatures remain asleep most of the day and evidence suggests they get to have very vivid dreams since they adopt different odd and acrobatic positions during their sleeping time.

Now those are not the shocking news (since that could almost be a description of myself), the thing is that for a reason beyond my understanding, when the night comes, hamsters start running non-stop all over the cage, getting in and out the plastic houses, going up and down the toboggans, hanging themselves to fall to the lower level only to keep running in and out, going up and down, etc.

Seriously, how fun can all that idiotic exercise be?

2/3/06 09:01  
Blogger Hanna said...

Thank you Angie for giving more perspectives to this. But even more for first of all having shared the mystery with hamsters with me, and secondly for sharing the "what-do-hamsters-do-in-this-world" thought with me.


3/3/06 08:15  
Blogger Hanna said...

Ive just heard some scary-news! A man on the radio had bought two lady-hamsters and one cage. One morning his son realised that there were not longer two hamsters in the cage, but four!

The questions the man (and the rest of the earth's population) asked himself were:
- do female hamsters have some male-gene in them?
- have one of the females been out for some hoola-baloo one Saturday without anyone noticing?
- did some male hamster inseminate her during the transportation from where they were born (they are at least quick on doing something)?


8/3/06 23:37  
Blogger Angie said...

Well well well, i guess the theory is right.. even hamsters are sluts!!!

What a world!

17/3/06 08:33  

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