Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bullshit and Relativity

Everything is relative.

Who hasnt heard of that?

But hey, when they say everything, they mean EVERY thing. Even Bullshit.

Bullshit looks, smells and sounds different depending on where exactly you are standing at a given moment of time.

If you dont believe me, then you gotta believe the Theory of Relativity's Master: A. Einstein yeah? Cause he has actually said it himself...

One of these days im gonna start reading Absolut Blogshit while im standing on my hands, it may have a totally new meaning!!

(Special thanks to Mr. Daniel Stenvall for providing the supporting evidence for this post)


Blogger Hanna said...

Angie (and Daniel) - thank you! This adds a totally new perspective to life. Can we make Mr Einstein a late honorary member of Absolut Blogshit? I think he also deserves premium membership.

I also think that this confirms the fact that bullshit in itself is relative. Pure bullshit is to be found at this blog. Then we have amateurs saying that they are bullshitting. But since we know that everything is relative, I would not call that bullshit.

Now I have a lot more to think about!

22/3/06 00:14  

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