Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Indian Livers :)

hey all,
after Valborg which is celebrated as a 1st day of spring in sweden - well i doubt if people give two hoots to this. its a festival where there is non stop drinking from 10 00 AM.

Concept of champagne gallop - where u get a bottle of champagne for 100 swedish bucks and then ppl spray champagne like crazy and ofcourse drink it as if a guy who ran a marathon is given 'water'

But anyways, i was fortunate enough to be a part of this. Now about approx 4-5 years back, when i compare my first sip of alcohol to today where i dont feel drunk after a considerable amount of alcohol, i wonder occasionally how my liver is grown up or become tough. it feels that if your liver is non existent considering you just tank up like never before!

i had the honour of working with Sam - and i have never seen him like crazy passed out. He is a tanker who can put in abt 5 - 6 pitchers of beer easily alone, but wouldnt have signs of wearing away.

and so i have been thinking about dedicating this post to the liver of indians and i am sure there are more livers that have been playing a tough role in making sure that you enjoy life!

As people do say - cheers to beers and britney spears or pamela's peers, i want to share my thoughts by involving everyone to now also use:
"Cheers to beers and our livers :)"

- Amit


Blogger Hanna said...

The liver of Indians is one part of the body which I havent been exploring in depth. But Im a fan of making anything tougher (apart from men who think they have to play so tough and masculine whereas us girls actually think it's very masculine when a boy [cause boys will never be men] show a softer side), so I'll say work on "toughing up" your liver. And what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Although one should be aware off the fine border between making your liver tougher and killing it.


2/5/06 12:34  
Blogger Angie said...

Ahhh sweet Valborg!

I have very few -but very fond- memories of my glorious participation in Valborg 03: Champagne breakfast, train, wine, lots of people, tequila shots, Rajat limping, wine, beer, vodka shots, snaps, champagne gallop, wild on all nations, Emma J showered with alcohol, mud, a huge headache... and i think thats about it..

My mexican liver was definitely a key asset in this (and many other) memorable event.

So yeah, may my liver live long and prosper.. and may it just get sronger with the tough times ive put it through!


3/5/06 08:22  

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