Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What will happen then?

Dear readers,

As all good things come to an end, I guess there will be a time when Absolut Blogshit will not exist anymore. Probably this will have the same effect as the ice age. But hopefully this is far ahead in time, since we not cant foresee what would take over internet or maybe blogging as a first stage.

However my interest in this topic, doesnt lie in when happiness will disappear or why, but how it will happen. Will it be like the Big Bang - with obvious vast consequences for human beings (like killing all dinosaurs)? Or will it fade out, just like the end of song that a bad musician has written who cant even finish a song properly. Or will all CEOs start marching on the street, demanding that Absolut Blogshit be shut down, since their employees aren't working anymore but just read the blog (or then they see through the bullshit at their company and threaten the CEO's position). Or... what? More thoughts? And how can we prevent this from happening one day?



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