Monday, April 17, 2006

Sleep and sheep

Im sure you have all tried the old trick (why a trick when it doesnt work??) of counting sheep when not being able to fall asleep. Have you also experienced the problem that the sheep stop running after they have jumped the hurdle? Which means that there's a group of 14 sheep standing directly after the hurdle, which means that the 15th sheep and all the coming ones dont have anywhere to land. So what happens is that sheep 15 and onwards lands on the group of sheep and then make a huge bounce and land further ahead, after which (on a good day) they continue running so that the following sheep dont have to bounce twice (and then with sheep 30 thrice and so on and so on). When it all becomes this complicated it's obviously impossible to actually fall asleep...



Blogger Jonas Ã…radsson said...

Why 14?

24/4/06 10:20  
Blogger Hanna said...

14 has been calculated as the maximum number of sheet that can fit behind a hurdle. Taking into account their weight, height, muscles, fur and ears.

26/4/06 01:15  

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