Thursday, April 27, 2006

Señora or Señorita?

I dont know about other languages or countries, but in spanish in Mexico, it is very common to make a clear distinction between Señora and Señorita.

Señora: A woman who is married, have kids or at least is old enough to do so.

Señorita: A young, immaculate and pure woman who is single AND does not even imagine the wonders of a ‘marital life’ (i.e. Virgin).

I bring this up because lately, for a very strange reason, the world has decided that its time for me to be called: Señora.

I go to the bank, they guy behind the counter says: Good morning señora.

I go rent a movie, the girl in charge greets me: Welcome to Blockbuster señora!

I go to the supermarket, the cashier asks: Señora, did you find everything?

I go have lunch, the waiter says: Señora, your food..

My Señorita times seem to be long gone with the wind and Im just puzzled about HOW, WHY, WHEN?

How, why and when I started looking so old to make people think I share my salary with kids running around the house?

But more importantly,

How, why and when I stopped looking innocent, pure and clueless about the Kamasutra?

The first times I felt like correcting people.. you know, ‘Excuse me! But even if it takes you longer.. SeñorITA!’ (hey, at least Im not married and certainly, I don’t have kids!)

But then I changed my mind, after all I didn’t feel like ventilating to the world that even when I look this HOT, im not getting a lot of.. fun.

So now im only thinking...

Experience and happiness SHOW!.. what the heck!

Señora it is!


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