Friday, May 12, 2006

Who are you?

Back in the days when I attended IPM in Sri Lanka we had to play this game “Who are you?” and really dig deep into that question. For some reason mr Goel, Rajat (who was there with Electrolux) and me teamed up. I think the main reason for that team was to try to escape the game. However after a while I obviously got conscious and felt that we also had to play the game. Obviously I had no clue what to answer when they asked me “So, who are you?”… and somehow funnily those two guys managed to not answer the question at all. Still when Robin asks me “So, who are you?” I have freaking no clue what to answer.

But now it is solved! And that without even having spent too much money at schrink appointments! All that was needed was a few 10 seconds test on the internet. So this is who I am:

I am a “London-girl” cause Im both a cosmopolitan big city girl, at the same time as traditional. My marriage proposal should happen in Christmas time with snow and city lights. I AM a man-eater- the kind of girl all chicks hate, and guys are both scared of me yet getting strangely involved with (eeehh… yeah right). I am also a GREAT girlfriend: “When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful. But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself. You're the perfect blend of independent and caring. You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!”

Now at least I know who I am! If you also want to find out who you are you can check this link: (I dont know how to make a nice cool link saying "Click here")


PS: Obviously the person guiding me to this “enlightment” was the one and only Angie! Can we please know who you are as well?


Blogger Hanna said...

One thing that should be added is that I am also confused... How could I put the link here? The tests are only for women, and considering the statistics for this blog, only Angie and I would then have use of it.

Also now I took another test, saying that I should be dating Swedes!! Eehh... that hasnt happend in 5 years, and I have no intention of re-starting that. So I dont think these tests are accurate. Damn! I always wanted to be a GREAT girlfriend!

Adios amigos

12/5/06 01:32  
Blogger Blogshitter said...

But... who are you??

12/5/06 14:44  
Blogger Angie said...

Oh well, i just have to share my really giving results..

It turns out: Im a yokker (whatever that is). A true Aussie. I love the beach and barbies, as well as sport and sex.

Im a big city girl with a small town heart, which is why im attracted to the romance of Rome.

I should learn Swedish and i should be dating a Swede.

Well first of all, i think you can clearly notice that either a) im a true citizen of the world or b) these tests are full of crap.

Other than that, i am seriously starting to think the Swedish organisation: Hot Single Swedes AB, is having a very big influence on these results.

Since when dating swedes is THE ultimate thing for girls like Hanna and me?

15/5/06 12:03  
Blogger Hanna said...

Ive got freaking no clue who I am! Ive realised through-out my weekend in Madrid and when trying to arrange a planning evening, that I am senile. So not only do I not know who I am, I CANT REMEMBER!

But it's good that these highly reliable tools exist, so I can find out who I am and what I should do. London and Swedes - here I come!

17/5/06 12:58  

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