Sunday, June 04, 2006

Is there a "stop" for bullshitting?

Yesterday the thought hit me - Are there time when one should just not be bullshitting?

The thought hit me when I was picking up my aunt to drive her to my mum's birthday. And trying to be a nice girl I keeped up the conversation with talk about nothingness, talk not leading anywhere, words just rambling out of my mouth (i.e. in some circumstances referred to as bullshitting). And then I realised - is this fair of me? is this appropriate? Am I fooling my aunt?

Another situation (not similar but when bullshitting just doesnt work is when you're bullshitting someone, and that person just isnt a bullshitter, hence doesnt understand you're just talking shit. Instead of replying in a witty manner, the person gives some logical, calculated answers to your random thoughts. You feel like going "Hey! I was just bullshitting!", but instead you just nod and smile, but inside you think "Well, this person is not going to our blog!".

So maybe it's only in this forum with this community that bullshitting is appropriate, and obviously fun! I mean if people dont understand my jokes, 1) too bad for them, 2) I shouldnt waste my jokes on them. After all "it takes a bullshitter to know one".

So the question of the day is: is there a time for bullshit? and a "not-time" for bullshit? Is it always appropriate? Luckily I have some time to think this all through...

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Blogger Angie said...

Well.. Im glad i have not achieved all the wisdom required to answer this question properly.. Otherwise it will be a bit boring to just sit around for the next 5 years (when -caeteris paribus- i will achieve eternal wisdom)..

What i can say though, is that to me, it kinda sucks to bullshit out of sync! Getting reasoned answers to a cynical comment is like killing the fun with a lame headache excuse..

At least at work they try to bullshit back through meetings, mails, and random yada yada! Then its fair game, no?


8/6/06 08:29  
Blogger Hanna said...

Yeah- if people cant stop bullshitting me, then I shouldnt stop bullshitting them! To some extent at least... Can also be a waste of resources? Like showing a French movie without subtitles to a German who doesnt speak French.


9/6/06 03:58  

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