Monday, June 12, 2006

The Ultimate Push Up!

I have always wondered why is it that there arent that many tools for enhancing guys' appearance...

You know, girls have make up, hairdos, high heels, many different jeans/pants/tops/swimming suits styles, wonder bras, underwear with holes to push stuff a bit, underwear with super tight lycra to 'reduce' size... lalala...

What do guys have?! Hair gel/wax, deo, cream shave and lotion. (Ok, at least if they are not metro)

My conclusion is that guys really overtrust their verbal bullshitting skills, so... why bother looking good when they can baffle girls around with some bull?

That brilliant conclussion though, applies to all men, except Swedes.

A Swede would do ANYTHING to look good and it would NEVER mean he bothers to do so. After all, a real humble Swede reckons that his verbal bullshitting skills will only be at their best after he has consumed one liter of Absolut Vodka, and those occasions are just not enough.

The Ultimate Push-Up could not be born anywhere else!

Im thinking i should maybe start importing these things... bullshit amateurs around the globe could very well use a lift! :)


Blogger Hanna said...

Well, maybe this thingie could help the less-gifted bullshitters in the world. But then again a guy who wears tighter jeans than I, or who spends more time in front of the mirror than I freaks me out!!! Give me masculinity!

19/6/06 11:52  

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