Saturday, February 10, 2007


Bullshiterladies and Bulshittermen,

happy new year, no happy birthday.... no, shit !!! man it's the one year bullshit anniversary, ahhhhh happy anniversary fellow bullshitters!

I just contributed by one post and I got myself floods of gratitude and tons of love, waw !!! that's what's called mastering the art of bullshitting... My bullshitting muse is empty and my life is way too serious, so please bullshit me Angie, Hanna... Seriously, you gotta give me classes of bullshit, I realized my life is lacking essential bullshit elements that are good for you, like omega3 and Bifidus...

Actually I suspect my life is all bullshit, that's why I don't see bullshit anywhere... coz I am living in it. You know when you get used to some bullshit until you loose your bullshit sensors and it beecomes your life. Yeah exactly like in the matrix, I think I took the wrong pill and it took me straight to the toilet... I was luckier than the guy in trainspotting, I could reach the toilet :))))))))

If you feeling good and you feeling Iry say hail bullshit.

Hail bullshit !!!!


Blogger Hanna said...

One more caught in the trap...

Who is your Muse, Anis? Mine is gone too. Has some Superman fighting against bullshit hit the world? Are we reaching the last days? Is this the final countdown?

I also believe that my whole life is a bullshit-conspiracy. Why wouldnt I otherwise be married to Robbie Williams?

Anis the bullshitter, bullshitted me over to his place for dinner around 7.30. Now he says that it will take looooong time before food is ready (and it's already 7.48. Now for a Swede mr Bedda is not punctual at all). Is the bullshit back?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Angie for her nice words. And wish us all a Happy Birthday!

11/2/07 10:49  
Blogger Angie said...

Ohhh i think i recognize that! I have definitely been through that.

Actually i think i AM through that at the moment, i mean these days i inhale and (have to) exhale bullshit at least on a 8/5 (24/7 would be pushing it) basis...

Thank god for days like February 14th, at least thats an easy-smelled bullshit!

And hey, im soooo much looking fwd to our coming annual bullshitters congress, hopefully everybody's muse will come back to work after that!

16/2/07 06:38  

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