Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

ONE year has passed since we started with this noble initiative, and its time to evaluate the impact Absolut Blogshit has had in our lives.

Have we become more successful with the opposite sex? Have we gotten smashed at a party for free? Have we gotten a promotion at work? Have head hunters started chasing us? Have we gotten free tickets to the coolest event in town?

Vote on the brand new poll and share your experiences with us!

While im at it, i would like to say thanks to all the people who have taken time out of their busy schedules this year, to write posts on Absolut Blogshit and thus, participate in the quest for a better world!

I want to thank Blogger for giving us the chance to make this dream a reality. We really appreciate we can use this site freely and for free.

I also want to thank my wonderful boyfriend, who has truly helped me developing myself during this year to publish posts i never thought i could write.

Last, but definitely not least, i want to thank Hanna for this great year! You have been a fellow bullshitter, a friend, a dancing partner, a sister in crime, a balancing help when drunk, a crayfish-peeling trainer, etc. Theres NO WAY Absolut Blogshit would be alive today without you!Tack så mycket!

May Absolut Blogshit live LOOOONG and prosper!

Cheers, Salud, Skål, Yung Sing, Kippis, Prost, Salute, Kampai, or whatever you say in your language.. !



Blogger Blah.....I got there first! said...

This is a momentous day. Congrats to Hanna and Angie on a marvellous achievement. This blog has brought back light and purpose into our lives and we have you damsels to thank for it.
Thank yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooo much.
Hic! Hic! and many more Hics!!

5/2/07 05:27  
Blogger Nisarg said...

Happy Anniversary to Absolut Blogshit!It's been a pleasure to silently follow (someone had to)this divine blog.
At the start of its 2nd year, my heart only wishes for MORE, MORE & MORE of this wisdom.

6/2/07 00:41  

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