Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I was out on a five minute walk in rainy Brussels, and during these 300 seconds two persons came up to me to ask about directions. During the four months that I have stayed here in Brussels, I think Ive been asked about directions some 20 times. Now that is approximately 10 times as many as it happened to me during all my years in Stockholm.

So the questions I ask myself are if Brussels really has so many more lost tourists than Stockholm? Or is it so that I actually didnt look so Swedish (something I would not feel bad about at all) so people lost in Stockholm thought it wasnt worthwhile to ask me? An even worse question then appears - do I actually look Belgian?!!! Do I look like Ive been eating waffels, fries and drinking beer all my life so by default I would know where Rue de Congres is? Now I probably shouldnt be culturally insensitive... no, I probably shouldnt...