Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ode to Valentines

I just think its mandatory to write a post about one of the Most Bullshit days of the calendar.

And what better than sharing with you the most brilliant and creative piece of advice i have read in a long while:

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts to Pick Up on the Way Home from Work

Avoid the lines at the florist, the department store, and the chocolatier, and dash into one of these stores for unconventional Valentine's Day gifts instead:

  • At a Toy Store - Pick up Twister, the Milton-Bradley game that's fun for all ages. And even more fun for adults.
  • At Home Depot - Pick up an elegant dendrobium orchid, potted and ready for Valentine's Day giving.
  • At Walgreen's - Pick up massage oils and body chocolate (available in four flavors) in the Valentine’s Day aisle.
Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Women

Even if you select them at the last minute, gifts that bear a big red heart are sure to melt hers. Some ideas:

  • Heart-shaped locket
  • Heart-shaped picture frame, with a picture of the two of you
  • Heart-shaped, red-satin box of chocolates
  • Heart-shaped candies that say "I Love You"
Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts of Desperation

Quick items to grab and go:

  • Stuffed animal from stationery store
  • Book of love poetry
  • Store-bought book of love IOU's
  • Heart-shaped cake or cupcakes from supermarket or convenience store.

Even if your gift is acquired last minute, your thoughtfulness and generosity will be appreciated and the good feelings will last long past Valentine's Day. Just don't forget to include a Valentine's Day card!!

I wonder how much research it took to these guys to come up with such wonderful ideas!

Just for the record and future reference, I am a woman and my heart definitely does NOT melt with gifts that bear a big red heart.

Over and out!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Bullshiterladies and Bulshittermen,

happy new year, no happy birthday.... no, shit !!! man it's the one year bullshit anniversary, ahhhhh happy anniversary fellow bullshitters!

I just contributed by one post and I got myself floods of gratitude and tons of love, waw !!! that's what's called mastering the art of bullshitting... My bullshitting muse is empty and my life is way too serious, so please bullshit me Angie, Hanna... Seriously, you gotta give me classes of bullshit, I realized my life is lacking essential bullshit elements that are good for you, like omega3 and Bifidus...

Actually I suspect my life is all bullshit, that's why I don't see bullshit anywhere... coz I am living in it. You know when you get used to some bullshit until you loose your bullshit sensors and it beecomes your life. Yeah exactly like in the matrix, I think I took the wrong pill and it took me straight to the toilet... I was luckier than the guy in trainspotting, I could reach the toilet :))))))))

If you feeling good and you feeling Iry say hail bullshit.

Hail bullshit !!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

ONE year has passed since we started with this noble initiative, and its time to evaluate the impact Absolut Blogshit has had in our lives.

Have we become more successful with the opposite sex? Have we gotten smashed at a party for free? Have we gotten a promotion at work? Have head hunters started chasing us? Have we gotten free tickets to the coolest event in town?

Vote on the brand new poll and share your experiences with us!

While im at it, i would like to say thanks to all the people who have taken time out of their busy schedules this year, to write posts on Absolut Blogshit and thus, participate in the quest for a better world!

I want to thank Blogger for giving us the chance to make this dream a reality. We really appreciate we can use this site freely and for free.

I also want to thank my wonderful boyfriend, who has truly helped me developing myself during this year to publish posts i never thought i could write.

Last, but definitely not least, i want to thank Hanna for this great year! You have been a fellow bullshitter, a friend, a dancing partner, a sister in crime, a balancing help when drunk, a crayfish-peeling trainer, etc. Theres NO WAY Absolut Blogshit would be alive today without you!Tack så mycket!

May Absolut Blogshit live LOOOONG and prosper!

Cheers, Salud, Skål, Yung Sing, Kippis, Prost, Salute, Kampai, or whatever you say in your language.. !